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Teacher Training Exchange

between the University of Namibia and the University of Bremen

Administrative exchange is part of the internationalisation of teacher training at the University of Bremen. Cooperation partners selected for this project are the University of Bremen’s Center for Teacher Training, represented by its Director Dr. Regine Komoss, and the University of Namibia (UNAM) Faculty of Education, represented by its Dean Dr. Charmaine Villet. Due to UNAM’s limited levels of administration, Dr. Villet has responsibilities similar to the director of a teacher training center.

The aims of the exchange are:

  • learning about the administrative structures, objectives and tasks for teacher training at each partner institution
  • consulting on a possible student exchange, in particular the option of spending practical semesters at the partner institution (Bremen students in Windhoek, UNAM students in Bremen)

During her stay in Namibia, Dr. Komoss had the opportunity to engage in in-depth conversations with UNAM officials and instructors and become familiar with UNAM course offerings. She also visited a number of schools, where she observed lessons and met with principals and teachers. These interactions laid a solid foundation for continued discussions at UNAM about the demands on the teaching profession in Namibia.

The partners quickly agreed that a student exchange would be desirable. The organisation of the exchange would include implementation of practical phases as well as small-scale student research projects on school and teaching-related questions. These projects could be carried out jointly by students from Windhoek and Bremen, and the results used in their degree theses.

The Namibian partner also expressed a strong interest in continuing the cooperation at the administrative level. Topics of particular interest are curriculum and degree course development, and the University of Bremen’s model of quality assurance in teacher training.

A reciprocal visit took place in June 2017 when the Windhoek partner traveled to Bremen. The focus was on teacher training at the University of Bremen, visits to schools in Bremen, and further development of the cooperation ideas that arose during the stay in Windhoek.