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Art Project

In 2003 the Bremen artist Edeltraut Rath together with the Namibian artists Nicky Marais, Max Edison and four students from the College of the Arts created a joint mural at the Augustineum Secondary School, a boarding school in the Windhoek suburb of Khomasdal. As a contribution to the design of the school’s public space, the mural was intended to enrich young people’s environment in a disadvantaged area of the city. Through the cooperation process, the artists benefitted from learning about each other’s working methods, and the Namibian art students gained further education in the design, materials selection, and production of large-scale wall art.

The mural project was carried out in both cities as an exchange organised by the Bremen-based School Center Neustadt in 2002.

Contacts between the city of Bremen and the Augustineum Secondary School resumed in 2015. The school expressed an interest in collaborating on a second mural project to upgrade the dilapidated school’s appearance and give the students a more colourful and stimulating environment to live and learn in.

Nicky Marais and students from the College of the Arts created the new mural at the boarding school in August 2017 as part of their annual project week. The cooperation with Edeltraut Rath offered the opportunity for the students to combine a learning and working experience with further education and enhancement of their skills in concert with an international artist. This kind of collaboration is especially welcome, as Namibian students typically have little opportunity to broaden and share their artistic skills through international contacts and projects.

The art project is intended to be a living symbol of Bremen and Windhoek’s friendship and support for artistic exchange. The new mural is to be officially inaugurated in Windhoek during German Weeks 2017.