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Climate Change Adapatation

In the working group “Adaptation to Climate Change”, experts from Bremen and Durban have focused their exchange on two areas:

Peer Review of the Durban Climate Change Strategy (DCCS) Development Process

Stakeholders from Bremen accompanied peers in Durban during the process of developing the DCCS. The review enabled experts to share their experiences in areas of particular relevance to Durban: barriers to the development of a climate adaptation strategy, audits of monitoring and evaluation methods, and citizen engagement (including advice, participation, and communication channels).

Durban Adaptation Charter (DAC) Exchange

With the Durban Adaptation Charter, drafted and signed in 2011 at the UN’s COP17 climate change conference, 254 mayors from cities around the world made a commitment to enact decisive and immediate measures that strengthen climate adaptability at the local level.

In a 2013 DCCS workshop (financed by USAID’s Local Sustainability Office and ICLEI), representatives of local governments from around the world came together to identify what municipalities need in order to fulfill climate adaptation targets. The list they generated includes access to data, information and funding; representation in global bodies; capacity-building and leadership at the local level together with support from national governments; incorporation of climate targets into local agendas and planning processes; peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through exchange visits between cities; and assessment of the local effectiveness of climate adaptation measures.

The city of Durban is currently exploring the establishment of a permanent DAC secretariat with its own Durban-based staff.

The DAC exchange includes Bremen-based partners from the nordwest2050 project, and takes into consideration the findings of related projects such as KLAS and Klimawandel Unterweser.

Specific climate change challenges, such as adapting to severe rain and heatwaves, are addressed through the exchanges in the Bremen-Durban partnership’s working group "Sustainable Urban Planning".